Management team


Creative Director and Trend and Social Innovation researcher.

Research and Creative Methodology of citizen participation.


Artist, Art Research and Technology, University Professor and Cultural Producer.

Research and Methodology of Art Residence.


Researcher and Designer of User Experience (UX).

Research and Design of the User Experience offline and online.

Creativity brought us together …

Our history

Vanessa Costa and Fernanda Gomes met each other 20 years ago when they worked in creativity in the advertising area in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. After that, Fernanda worked in creativity, artistic and interactive processes, working as a teacher in public and private institutions and in a continuous process of research in Arts, Communication and Culture areas in her master, her doctorate and now in her postdoc. Vanessa has worked as a creative director in large advertising agencies in BH, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona; and currently she works as a researcher in behavioural trends and social innovation in Barcelona and Brazil. Her thesis in the Master of Sociology has the theme “rooftops of private buildings in Barcelona: a space for culture, creativity and social innovation.”

Fernanda and Andrea Sabaté met in 2002, studying a Masters in Creation and Design of Interactive Systems, MECAD / Esdi, in Barcelona, where they created an interactive installation as a final project (selected by the European Media Art Festival). Since then, Andrea has worked in various areas of the online field: online communication, development, design, motion, … with and for professionals involved in creativity and design. Since 2015 she has been is engaged in Research and Design of User Experience in a technology consultants, working for large accounts.

Andrea and Vanessa have known each other since 2004, and have always shared professional interests. Dedicated to sectors that complement each other, they have always been connected looking for a way to collaborate and create a project together.

Since May 2016 the three professionals have been working in Coterrats.

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Coterrats and Repte Canòdrom Barcelona

Coterrats is a winning project of the Repte Canòdrom Barcelona 2016-2017 call promoted by:


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